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He's So Gay (Zappa Frank)

ENSEMBLE: (singing) He's so gay He's so gay He's very very gay He's so gay He's so gay And he likes to be that way With his keys all on the right He's into rubber every night He's so gay He's so gay He's ALMOST EVERYONE TODAY He's okay He's okay He's got a role he wants to play He's okay He's okay He's just a cowboy for a day Of course, his evening's not complete Without some meat in the seat; Let's skate away Down Santa Monica today Maybe he wants a little spanking Maybe he'll eat a little chain Maybe his lover should be thanking him For the way he makes it sprinkle Into drops of GOLDEN RAIN He's so gay He's so gay He rules the city in a way You could say You could say It's sorta different today All the taffeta and chintz And every Leather Boy's a PRINCE Hey hey hey! Please don't look the other way You could be just like him TOMORROW! Maybe you'll get a chance To borrow (Borrow) His bouquet And maybe later...MAYBE LATER We'll ALL BE GAY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y! DO YOU REALLY WANNA HURT ME?