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Hot Plate Heaven at the Green Hotel (Zappa Frank)

I used to have a job An' I was doin' fairly well Depression came along An' everybody start to yell "Where'd they go, them good ol' days, 'An all that crap we used to sell?" Now I'm in Hot-Plate Heaven, at the Green Hotel Republicans is fine, If you're a multi-millionaire Democrats is fair, If all you own is what you wear Neither of 'em's REALLY right, 'Cause neither of 'em CARE 'Bout that Hot-Plate Heaven, 'Cause they ain't been there They really oughta go 'N find out how the hall-way smell - They'd benefit to know 'Bout what the bums in there could tell (I guess we're only dreamin', But I s'pose it's just as well That's ALL you get to dream Up in the Green Hotel) Nature didn't put me here, An' neither did my fate - It musta been some evil ol' Republican candidate! He's over there in Washington, But I wish he was in HELL 'Cause I'm in Hot-Plate Heaven At the Green Hotel Things is slightly better now; They hope we will forget The misery of 'TRICKLE DOWN', An' jelly-bean etiquette The Regal Presidential Style Has simply not worn well, But neither has my rags, Up in the Green Hotel (I said) the Green Hotel (I mean) the Green Hotel (Been there once) the Green Hotel (An' gone again) the Green Hotel Neither has my rags Up in the Green Hotel Pass me the dog food!