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Ronnie's Booger Story (Zappa Frank)

[Ronnie:] We lived in a little room, man. It was, it was probably a fourth as big as, as your livin' room, Frank [cough]. And uh, everytime we picked a booger we'd flip it on this one winduh, or wipe it there if we couldn't flip it there, y'know. And uh, I guess Dwight stayed with me for about . . . 'bout seven months, wasn't it? Six months? And uh, every night we'd contribute, y'know, two or three or four boogers, y'know. And when he left uh, my mom knew what was goin' on all the time but we thought we had her hoodwinked. Heh-heh. She was smarter with, than we, than what we were. An' she made us clean 'em off, y'know? We used Ajax and, and we couldn't get them things, we had to use a, had to use a putty knife, man, to get them damn things off the winduh. You couldn't even see out the winduh with all them boogers, man. I'm not kiddin' you [sniff]. An' there was big ones too, an' there was little, and there was some goober ones that weren't even hard, man, you'd just smear 'em, young ones. It's like fro-, you, you've seen frosted glasses. That winduh was just like a frosted glass with spots all over it, y'know? And uh, [sniff] it was, it was no good. Although, th-that, that was the good ol' days, so . . .