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The Duke Regains His Chops (Zappa Frank)

And you'll be my Douchess My Douchess of Prunes A moonbeam through the prune In June Reveals your chest I see your lovely beans And in that magic go-kart I bite your neck The cheese I have for you My dear Is real And very new! (New cheese!) Prunes! (Pah-Da-Dahhh!) If they are fresh prunes . . . (Pah-Da-Dahhh!) Know no cheese! (Chunka Chunka Chinky Chunky Stinky Stanky . . . ) And they just lie there Drowning & sickening And it's just . . . I dunno Oh-h-h-h-h! And I know I think The love I have for you Will never end Well . . . maybe (Whah!) And so my love I offer you A love that is strong A prune that is true! (Ha Ha!) This is the exciting part . . . It's like the SUPREMES... See the way it builds up BABY BABY D'ya feel it? BABY BABY My prune is yours, my love My cheese for you My baby prune My baby prune I do like you My baby cheese etc., etc. You know I do My dear I love you etc., etc. Oh cheesy fat Oh cheesy fat Oh cheesy fat Oh baby fat Oh cheesy fat Oh baby blue