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My Dream's But a Drop of Fuel for a Nightmare (Sonata Arctica)

My painted face, I'm a clown, and I'm laughing while my dream turns into a nightmare, fade away, I'm asleep, not too deep... The walls of night have left me scarred the broken glass I stepped on, twice. the ardent spirits' rusty edge, decapitate me... I can't sleep, fear darkness go through the motions, did I fall asleep? I'm bowling, the old nine pin, a sign unwanted... Now I'm a target, I'm hot and frozen, stormy rain I'm stuck in an elevator wet from the muddy water, breathing hot air, winds convey me... bababababaaaa... the number talks and I cry in my own Hell.... bababababaaaa... Wide awake, I'm asleep, see a friend as a ghost I'm skating with a seal, the tarantula, the fly, the broken ring the dusty little flea an ugly giant, a disappointed child here comes a rabid snake the broken violin, a wild ballet Shakespeare and company refuse to kill the kitten scratching me... I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm falling... - awake You know, if you believe the dreams, the nightly visions, worlds entwined then you also fear your shadow, paranoia, part two... All the good things in my life dwell in my mind Took a wrong lane, every day, I hear myself say Sickening's this feeling, my life, my hopes, my dream's but a drop of fuel for a nightmare they all turn out the same My destiny, my flame believing is control? no. the painting comes alive, takes me inside a world without a name, a place beyond compare Believe the dreams that let you sleep the broken glass you need to sweep The book you read; if you found an explanation to help you in any way, you are your own prison. Woke up today, the good and the bad and the ugly dreams are gone ...jumped off the carousel