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The Vice (Sonata Arctica)

0:25 Number nine out of eleven little littermates Rotten apples, all the way... Littermates, all with different fates... Taught them almost all I knew and now, the best, the primus Number Nine of eleven little littermates, feeling almighty, is after my throne. 0:53 In the bright daylight, little Number Nine Dressed to kill, much like me Takes a look at the free world behind the gate Of a castle and escapes. 1:03 I leave the baits, the night awaits Snare well hidden for the littermate. Evaded all but one, one by one. 1:11 Eleven little littermates Annihilate. Only Number Nine's not in sight... Hiding, for the moonlight eats the day Kisses burn the paperthin wings away 1:47. Hate me, hate me, if they want you to break me Love - is - for - the weak And the restless, relief in the end. A broken lock and a twisted dream 1:56 for an early tomb, destiny's overruled Trailed it back to the Pagan Cathedral." 2:03 Don't love me, don't you dare! I lie, I cheat and I don't care Don't you go telling me tales about fidelity. truth ain't safe with me 2:13 In (sane), in (pain) Ran into a needle Eye (love), Eye (hate) don't need anyone Lights (on), Lights (out) read it loud and clear... and hear the lion roar. without my eyes, they failed me, knots untied. I turned my weakness into a fine profession more I hear, more I see I can feel the path I choose What I did was a must, Faced the music, away from the light, alone... Without a view. Someone thought to know me well Drowned me in a wishing well... Making mistakes, we all do, Worst of mine was trusting in a stranger. For now I'm feeling fine Drank poison, liked the sign Now touch the greatest fear Impaired, to look sincere. One step behind you, turn around and I am gone with what I need. The essense of timely death, cold and dark, Love Less Hard.