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Under Your Tree (Sonata Arctica)

The leaves they fall upon the day that makes a memory those pleading eyes, echoing, silently in me the final nights I guard her sleep, I can do without the fear's down deep There's nothing good in this morning... Oh, and I know... invested feelings in the one I would outlast My little friend is getting tired, fading fast... Did not want to see the signs of the dimming flame I need to have more time No, I don't want to let you go Tonight I fear I'll say goodbye to my little friend Don't want to let you go... the warmest heart I've found I lower into the ground my tears, forever with you resting under your tree you have always liked this place it now belongs to you... I need to set you free and go on alone one day in my feeble timeline You gave me your heart and stole mine tomorrows came too fast for me to hear your slow, silent goodbye... the kindest heart I've found I lowered into the ground your smile kept me alive back when the skies were still you always liked this place now sleep under the tree I planted here the day when you were born I should've been ready, seen the nearing end my little old friend, a child. That day I had to say goodbye and turn the bend but I'll never let go