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Zeroes (Sonata Arctica)

...Dancing on the borderline... ...4-3-2-1... Hello, although I'm a static Zero. I'm fighting all your wars, While you dwell in your hypocrisy You think the world is fine, When all the evil's overlined Before you wake up this morning... Well, hello there, you're the local superhero? Your stronghold's but a paper bag, We suffer for your promised land Excuse is really thin, Hide your revealed Achilles' heel... Before a new brave morning... All you little superheroes, Fall short without all them zeroes A pie in the sky is your brave new world, And so powerless are thy miracles... Ones, they walk before the rows of O's, And soon it dawns on them, how to make billions... Dream up a world, oh how powerless are thy miracles... ...I'm so tired to fight you The Sun is, oh, so desperate to set tonight, Ashamed to light a lie... All you little superheroes, Fall short without all them zeroes The pie in the sky's your brave new world, Your homestead's not yours much longer... These people win elections, empowered by you! These wars are never ending, acceptance just mind-bending It's a conspiracy and as always the end is here We were born that day... This destiny wrote us a life we now waste away Waste it away, do it today... My life is fine, so why would I care... Because it's not my ass, per se, on the line. All you little superheroes... ...Dancing on the borderline... 4-3-2-1-do it today!