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A Young Gypsy (Baez Joan)

A young gypsy fell out in a slumber Heading north with a driver he knew Someone he'd lived with and trusted A young woman who trusted him too That very same day the young gypsy Had come from a farm in the west Where the children had played throughout the heat of the day Affording the gypsy no rest And the gypsy's bones were weary And the front seat looked secure And the gypsy slept on until the sun it was gone And the stars pierced the eyes of the girl at his side The next morning's day would be Easter He'd dress in his only fine shirt And shuffle through clusters of strangers With his gaze and his shoes in the dirt And the woman who loved him would watch him Protect him from curious stares For the womenfolk tend to be friendly And the gypsy's as young as he's fair And the evening brought on laughter And jars of bright red wine And the gypsy drank some and the gypsy had fun And his dancing got wild and the grandmothers smiled Sleeping came easily after In the arms of the woman that fold Up the secrets and dreams of the gypsy That will never be sought or be sold In fact, they will never be told For the gypsy is two years old