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El Salvador (Baez Joan)

Now that the city is dreaming, viva the pale moonlight Take to your bibles, take to your beds, now that nothing seems right National Guards who they pay by the week are gonna clash in the curfew tonight With Los companeros born in the war, from Warsaw to San Salvador A voice from the past comes a callin', saying hold every strong heart dear These are the days when it seems like there's nothing but newspapers, order, fear Praise to the ones who are burried gone, and to the brave hearts who just disappeared Los companeros, born in the war, from Belfast to San Salvador Whad'a you got to do to get through They're deaf as a graveyard What does Nicaragua say to you? Think of the midnight, silver & black, think if the sun can be fooled Think of the four sisters shot in the back for running a land reform school Think of the ones taken hard in the hills, they can be beaten but they can never be ruled Los Companeros, born in the war, viva El Salvador