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Jack-a-roe (Baez Joan)

Am C There was a wealthy merchant, E in London he did dwell, Am C He had a lovely daughter, F C the truth to you I'll tell, Am E Am Oh, the truth to you I'll tell. E Am She had sweethearts a plenty and men of high degree, But none but Jack the sailor her true love ever be, Oh, her true love ever be. E Am Jackie's gonna sailin' with trouble on his mind, He's left his native country and his darling girl behind, Oh, his darling girl behind. E Am She went down to a tailor shop and dressed in man's array, She stepped aboard a vessel and conveyed herself away, Oh, conveyed herself away. E Am Before you get on board, Sir, your name we'd like to know, She smiled on her countenance, they call me Jack-a-Roe, Oh, they call me Jack-a-Roe. E Am I see your waist is slender, your fingers they are small, Your cheeks too red and rosy to face the cannonball, Oh to face the cannonball. E Am I know my waist' is slender, my fingers are neat and small, But it would not make me tremble to see ten thousand fall, Oh to see ten thousand fall. E Am The war soon being over she went and looked around, Among the dead and wounded her darling boy she found, Oh her darling boy she found. E Am She picked him in her little arms and carried him to town, She sent for a physician to quickly heal his wounds, Oh to quickly heal his wounds. E Am This couple they got married, so well did they agree, This couple they got married, so why not you and me? Oh, so why not you and me?