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Recently (Baez Joan)

Recently it all came back to me Somebody promised us roses We slid by for awhile on dreams But today I see what's only a memory Of a decade ago that vanished from sight With the speed of a shooting star Leaving you, leaving me, where we are... Well, you could say we sailed on stormy seas Or you could say that we failed Like seven out of ten in our neighborhood But I prefer remembering the way we were When we both thought the other had hung the moon 'Cause all too soon came the troubled times And the broken rhymes so hard to define 'til recently Oh, I could have tried for a thousand years Through the long and winding night Could have cried another million tears It would never come out right And recently the product of all our years Dressed in a navy blue blazer Headed for a first class school in the east And I'd like to say he's hardly a failure now And neither are you on the second time around With a wife and a family And the roses that lately arrived in the new baby's eyes So recently