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Speaking Of Dreams (Baez Joan)

Speaking of dreams Here we are in the glistening streets of Gay Paree Playing the Gipsy Kings After the rain and taking tea at the Ritz in boots and jeans With a teenage girl who said that it would be her grandest dream And speaking of dreams, I really must say I couldn't have dreamed you up Nor the way you burst into my life, rattled my cage And woke my sleeping demons up You were not yet born When my career began in '59 We're a sign of the times Who cares if you are a breath of spring and I am vintage wine We come from two different worlds Like every other couple on the Rue de Rivoli You spent your youth in the rainforests of distant Camaroon Your father was a Navy captain, I am the Queen of Hearts And the daughter of the moon Speaking of dreams You took me to see the paintings of Paul Gaughin Speaking of dreams We stood in the midst of waterfalls, flaming trees Golden dogs and shining Tahitian ladies But it was you, not Paul Gaughin Who stopped my heart and then Started my life over again And if you feel as I do That we've erased the lines between reality And all our painted dreams Then take me down to where the Gipsies sing The songs their mothers knew Tie bright ribbons in my hair Lean on the wind and watch me while I dance for you And carry me off to the rainforests of distant Camaroon Tell me that you've always know that I am the Queen of Hearts And the daughter of the moon