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Stephanie's Room (Baez Joan)

"You've loved me exquisitely." "I tried to." "Can we be best of friends now?" "I never lied to you." "And can I love you forever?" "Sure," she said and smiled "But will you?" I wish there was some new way To sing about a full moon Poured down on us like a thousand rivers In Stephanie's room And you said you'd remember always The shadows on the hills below us But will you? You never once tried to sell me A bill of goods I wouldn't buy But I'm seasoned and I know a pirate By the devil in his eye And the only thing you ever stole from me Was laughter and some love I made To fill you White snow in the morning Kind of frightened me But you'd go sailing anyway Things are different at sea You know I'll never try and change your habit As sure as you know if your ship sinks It'll kill you And all the lovely ladies who came before me Are very much the same As the others soon to follow In your merry little game I guess I just want to be remembered Especially and frequently Like Stephanie Five red tail hawks are circling Above us in the sky You said they'd bring good luck And then you said goodbye You smiled and said, "I'll see you Sooner than you think." But will you?