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The Dream Song (Baez Joan)

I had a dream I was following a barefoot girl Beside a stream that flowed around the world And we spoke of many things though her mouth never moved As the most peculiar scenes were disappearing into view Oh what a dream beyond the realm of why Pretty little beings beneath the yawning sky Speaking of God as though they could define Music to the deaf and color to the blind or God to man And then the leaves became a thousand tears And I was on my knees in a crazy house of mirrors I couldn't find my face but a voice was drawing nearer Hush baby, sweet baby, hush don't you cry And I thought I woke and my mother was standing there And my heart broke as the ribbons in her hair Turned into highways surrounded and swirled Like a crown come down around a not so perfect world In the corner of the dream was the man with the blue guitar It had no strings but the music touched the stars And his long dark curls turned to gold before my eyes And the barefoot girl smiled off to the side and it was real Then a thousand birds took flight with a joyful noise And I heard the angels up on high rejoice I could see my face and I recognized the voice Hush baby, sweet baby, hush baby hush It's just a dream, one of those that goes on and on Scene after scene with the rhythm of a gypsy song When I really woke I was frozen in between I didn't know who I was, it was a dream inside a dream It's all a dream Oh what a dream I had a dream