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The Little Drummer Boy (Baez Joan)

Come they told me parapapampam A new born king to see parapapampam Our finest gifst we bring parapapampam To lay before the king parapapampam Rapapampam rapapampam So to honour him parapapampam When we come Baby Jesus parapapampam I am a poor boy to parapapampam I have nothing to bring parapapampam Nothing to give our king parapapampam Rapapampam rapapampam Shall I play for you parapapampam On my drum Mary nodded parapapampam The ox and lamb kept time parapapampam I played my drum for him parapapampam I played my best for him parapapampam Rapapampam rapapampam Then he smiled at me parapapampam Me and my drum