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The Lower Road (Baez Joan)

Cut me down, Bury this rosary Somewhere out of town, Somewhere out by the sea And take this ring, Give it to Emily And tell her I'm peaceful now, Tell her I've been released I will be rolling on, I will be rolling on... Well I know that dream, I know it all too well Starts like a lonely voice And shifts to a tolling bell Like rain on a dusty ground Small bones in the driest well The spark breathes a fiery tongue And the tongues kiss the cheek of Hell I will be rolling on, I will be rolling on I've had my part to play, now I am going home... There's no telling which way boys This thing is gonna take hold From the fruit on a poplar tree To the bruise round a band of gold From the blood in a far country To the war of just growing old We travel a long road And it's lonely and it is cold And we will be rolling on, We will be rolling on We had our part to play now we are going home We will keep rolling on We will keep rolling on 'Cause for every midnight hour There's always a rising sun...