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Time Is Passing Us By (Baez Joan)

The moon is low on the southland The frogs are asleep on the lake Did you know that tears run in rivulets And hearts can repeatedly break? And this may well be the last time If my spirits don't pick up and fly For though it's sad It may well be true That our time is passing us by Occasionally you have called for me I've always tried to be there But it seemed whenever my train pulled in You never did really care And the only thing I could decipher From the corner of your roving eye Was that you and I Were the first ones to know That our time was passing us by Well, it was fun for the first few years Playing Legend In Our Time And there were those who discussed the fact That we drifted apart in our prime And we haven't got too much in common Except that we're so much alike And I hate it for though You're a big part of me But our time is passing us by So I can sit here in my silver chair You can stay there on your gold You can say you've got commitments And I can say I'm growing old And I can get up and make comments On the color of the evening sky But our ships have come home And the night's rolling in And our time is passing us by But cast us adrift And cross a few stars And I'm good for one more try