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Told My Captain (Baez Joan)

Told my captain My hands were cold. God damn your hands, boy, Let the wheelin' roll! Told my captain My feet were cold. God damn your feet, boy, Let the wheelin' roll! Captain, captain You must be blin' Look at your watch It's past quittin' time. Captain, captain How can it be, Whistle done blow You still workin' me? Asked my captain To give me my time Dam' old captain Wouldn't pay me no mind. If I'd-a had my Weight in lime Would've whupped that captain Till he went stone blind. Raised my hand To wipe the sweat from my head Damned old captain Shot my buddy dead. If you don't believe That my buddy's dead Just look at the hole In my buddy's head. Captain walkin' up and down Buddy's lyin' on the burning ground. Buzzards circling 'round the sky Buzzards sure know Captain's gonna die.