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Sleepwalking Past Hope (HIM)

I hid the keys to unlock love's heart To hold you in my sweetest pain and suffering Everything's unfair in our lust and war Redemption beyond right and wrong In our hearts love keeps sweet-talking to despair And goes on sleepwalking past hope All is lost in this war And all we can do is to wail and weep to the saddest song Sleepwalking past hope I unlit the light to embrace the dark To be near but not to turn into you my darling Forever we're lost in our souls' storm Reflections of each other's faults I gave up long ago Painting love with crimson flow Ran out of blood and hope So I paint you no more My hell begins from the 10th and descends to the circle Six hundred threescore and six And from there I crawl beneath Lucifer's claws just for one last kiss