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Can't Stop Rockin' (ZZ Top)

G5 1. I heard about the rock for sometime I know G5 it's easy to do when you feel the roll G5 makes you want to get up,makes you wanna move your feet G5 no matter how it's done you know it can't be beat C5 R: 'cause I can't stop rockin' G5 C5 no I can't stop rockin' D5 G5 well I can't stop rockin' baby till I lose my mind 2. Somebody said it's wrong but I know it's allright then it really hits you like a shot in the night I'm never gonna stop as long as I can stay listen to me now can't you hear me say R: I can't stop rockin'... 3. I like to work it down low, I like to work it to the top and when it starts to rockin' I ain't never gonna stop get yourself loose, get yourself high I love the feeling of the motion and I'll tell you why, R: 'cause I can't stop rockin'...