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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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Lovething (ZZ Top)

B5 Ab5 1. It must have been the way that she kissed me, B5 Ab5 made me as meek as a lamb B5 tastes so fine like french silk pie B5 Ab5 sweet as srawberry jam B5 it could have been the thing that she told me B5 when she threw her wrench at my monkey B5 Ab5 Eb5 R: Should a been a cool scene B5 Ab5 Eb5 like honey on a ripped queen B5 Ab5 Eb5 I thought it was a day dream F5 Ab5 B5 but it must have been a lovething 2. I smiled at the way that she told me, I just can't turn you a loose she was a force majeure in her haute couture I was howlin' at the moon that's when I jumped out of her window before my monkey could cook her goose R: Should a been...