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She's A Heartbreaker (ZZ Top)

D5 1. She used to drive a beat up pickup A5 down around San Antone D5 stealin' the heart of ev'ry guy in town A5 includin' the one I own G5 but this sweet young thing of seventeen D5 would sting you with the lovesick blues D5 just a blonde haired blue eyed picture of sin lookin' A5 D5 for someone to use D5 G5 R: She's a lover 'n' fighter D5 she's a wild bull rider D5 and i'm wondrin why she left me D5 A5 such a long time ago A5 G5 she's a heartbreaker G5 D5 she's a love taker D5 A5 D5 but she can break a heart and take all the love she needs 2. Well i heard she got down in Beaumont and she wound up in El Paso she was tough as a boot and thin as a rail, and she could step to the cottoneyed Joe if you run across this flagrant fuzzy slip in and get her while you can 'cause before too long she'll be good as gone and runnin' with another man R: She's a lover 'n' fighter...