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Befriended (Redman Matt)

Verse 1: Emi7 Asus D Befriended, befriended by the King above all kings Emi7 Asus D Surrendered, surrendered to the friend above all friends Verse 2: Emi7 Asus D Invited, invited deep into this mystery Emi7 Asus D Delighted, delighted by the wonders I have seen Chorus: G Emi7 Asus This will be my story D This will be my song G Emi7Asus You'll always be my Saviour, Jesus D You will always have my heart Verse 3: Emi7 Asus D Astounded, astounded that Your gospel beckoned me Emi7 Asus D Surrounded, surrounded but I've never been so free Verse 4: Bmi7 Asus D Determined, determined now to live this life for You Bmi7 Asus D Your so worthy my greatest gift would be the least You're due