Wonderful Maker (Redman Matt)

C2 You spread out the skies over empty space E7sus Said, "Let there be light;" to a dark and formless world C2 D G/B Your light was born C2 You spread out Your arms over empty hearts Emi7 said, "Let there be light;" to a dark and hopeless world C2 Your Son was born Ami7 G/B C2 You made the world and saw that it was good Ami7 G/B C2 You sent Your only Son, for you are good D/F# C2 What a wonderful Maker Emi7 What a wonderful Savior C2 How majestic Your whispers D/F# G and how humble Your love C2 With a strength like no other, Emi7 and the heart of a Father C2 How majestic Your Whispers D/F# Gsus G What a wonderful God C2 No Eye has fully seen how beautiful the cross Emi7 and we have only heard the faintest whispers of C2 How great you are Gsus G Gsus You God G C2 D/F# How majestic your whispers A2 (#4) What a wonderful God