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Worthy, You Are Worthy (Redman Matt)

CAPO IV VERSE 1: G C2 worthy, you are worthy G/B C2 much more worthy than I know G Ami7 I cannot imagine G C2 Just how glorious you are Dsus C2 And i cannot begin to tell G C2 How deep a love You bring Dsus C2 O Lord my ears had heard of You G C2 But now my eyes have seen R:: G You're worthy Ami7 You're worthy G C2 You're worthy G Ami7 You're worthy to be praised G C2 Forever and a day VERSE 2: Glory, I give glory To the One who saved my soul You found me and You freed me From the shame that was my own And I cannot begin to tell How merciful You've been O Lord, my ears had heard of You But now my eyes have seen BRIDGE: G Ami7 G C2 We'll sing an anthem of the highest praise G Ami7 G C2 We'll sound an anthem of Your glorious name