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Bucket (Jepsen Carly Rae)

C F G C 1. (There's a hole in your bucket) F Sun's out! We got A beach day G Forget Yourself say Why don't We people watch? C F G Kids all playing 'Round in the sand C (Little boy crying) F Oh, no! He's got Some troubles G Got us laughing As he throws His shovel C F G Nothing's Really going As planned C F G C F G R: I don't know How we're Gonna build A castle now C F Do you want To start Again somehow? G C F G I'll stay Until the sun Comes down, down, down 2. Are you smiling? Look over My shoulder See Your laughter Bubble over Lately You've Been working Too hard And i've Been waiting To recognize That sparkle That's In your eyes Those Two dimples On your cheeks The joy That lights The fire R: I don't know... C F *: There's a hole In my bucket Dear Liza, dear Liza C F C There's a hole In my bucket dear Liza, a hole I don't know... (2x) C F G + Until the sun comes down, down, down C Sun's coming down F G C I'll stay Sun's coming down (3x)