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She's a Beast (Kravitz Lenny)

My heart is beatin’ And I can’t wait for tomorrow I’m gonna see her My beautiful wild flower She takes away space and time She moves and eases my mind Together we’re one design Yeah, she’s a beast I must be dreamin’ Don’t have to beg, steal or borrow And all I needed, yeah I get every day and hour She makes me feel so alive She’s always full of desire When we make love it’s on fire Yeah, she’s a beast Oh, she’s a beast Yeah, she’s a beast Yes, you are, honey Yeah, yeah, yeah-ah Wooh When she is sleepin’ I stare at her face in wonder Yeah, how God released her Now she is mine to discover She wears her soul in her eyes She is so pure and so wise I’ll always be by her side Yeah, she’s a beast Yes, you are, sugar Yeah, yeah, yeah-ah Wooh