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Memories (Within Temptation)

Ami Emi 1. In this world you tried Ami C G Not leaving me alone behind Ami Emi There's no other way F C G I'll pray to the gods: let him stay F Emi F The memories ease the pain inside G Now I know why Ami F C R: All of my memories keep you near G Ami In silent moments, Imagine you here Ami F Emi All of my memories keep you near G F Ami In silent whispers, silent tears 2. Made me promise I'd try To find my way back in this life I hope there is away To give me a sign you're okay Reminds me again it's worth it all So I can go home R: All of my memories... Dmi C G *: Together in all these memories Ami Dmi I see your smile Ami Emi All the memories I hold dear Dmi Ami Darling you know I love you till the end of time R: All of my memories...