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Our Farewell (Within Temptation)

C#m A E B C#m A Am E E E/Es 1. In my hands C#m B F#m A legacy of memories E B I can hear you say my name E E/Es C#m B I can almost see your smile F#m E B Feel the warmth of your embrace C#m A E B But there is nothing but silence now C#m B A Around the one I loved B As Is this our farewell? C#m A E B C#m R: Sweet darling you worry too much, my child A B See the sadness in your eyes C#m A E B You are not alone in life A B E Altough you migth think that you are 2. Never tought This day would come so soon We had no time to say goodbye How can the world just carry on? I feel so lost when you are not by my side But there is nothing but silence now Around the one I loved Is this our farewell? R: Sweet darling... C#m A E B C#m *: So sorry your world is tumbling down A B I will watch you through these nights C#m A E B Rest your head and go to sleep A B E Because my child, this is not our farewell A B E This is not our farewell