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Listening Wind (Gabriel Peter)

Mojique sees his village from a nearby hill Mojique thinks of days before Americans came He sees(serves) the foreigners in growing numbers He sees the foreigners in fancy houses He dreams of days that he can still Mojique holds a package in his quivering hands Mojique sends the package to the American man Softly he glides along the streets and alleys Up comes the wind that makes them run for cover He feels the time is surely now or never...more. The wind in my heart The wind in my heart The dust in my head The dust in my head The wind in my heart Tu sei sgangheraaa........AT THIS POINT (Come to) Drive them away Drive them away. Mojique buys equipment in the market place Mojique plants devices through the free trade zone He feels the wind is lifting up his people He calls the wind to guide him on his mission He knows his friend the wind is always Mojique smells the wind that comes from far away Mojique waits for news in a quiet place He feels the presence of the wind beside (around) him He feels the power of the past behind him He has the knowledge of the wind to guide him...on.