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Mercy Street (Gabriel Peter)

1. Looking down on empty streets, all she can see Dbm E/Db Are the dreams all made solid, are the dreams made real Gbm/A Gbm All of the buildings, all of the cars Dbm E/Db Were once just a dream in somebody's head Gbm/A E/Db She pictures the broken glass, pictures the steam Dbm E/Db She pictures a soul with no leak at the seam *: Let's take the boat out (wait until darkness) Dbm Let's take the boat out (wait until darkness comes) 2. Nowhere in the corridors of pale green and grey Nowhere in the suburbs, in the cold light of day There in the midst of it so alive and alone Words support like bone R: Dreaming of Mercy Street, wear your inside out E/Db A B Dbm Abm/B A9 Dreaming of mercy in your daddy's arms again E A B Dbm B Dreaming of Mercy Street, swear they moved that sign E/Db A B Dbm Abm/B A9 Dreaming of mercy in your daddy's arms E A B Dbm 3. Pulling out the papers from the drawers that slide smooth Tugging at the darkness, word upon word Confessing all the secret things in the warm velvet box To the priest-he's the doctor, he can handle the shocks Dreaming of the tenderness-the tremble in the hips Of kissing Mary's lips R: Dreaming of Mercy Street... Mercy, mercy looking for mercy Dbm Mercy, looking for mercy Dbm B Db B Looking for mercy Dbm A Looking for mercy... Anne with her father is out in the boat Dbm E/Db Riding the water, Gbm/A Riding the waves Gbm On the sea