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Waiting For The Big One (Gabriel Peter)

The wine's all drunk and so am I Here with the hoi-poloi, don't ask me why We're celebratin' anticipatin'; end of the year everybody come, everybody here - well more or less Some already in a mess I guess they're waiting for the big one. Wonder why I'm cold. How did I get this far? Had no money, had no car I pray the snow goes, be bad if it settles 'cos I follow my nose and the dried up rose petals - like the man says, Sure hope Moses knows his roses Or we'll all be waiting for the big one. Once I was the credit to my credit card spent what I hadn't got, (it) wasn't hard No trust in judgement no trust in money Someday I'll find myself like a bee finding honey But in the meantime I'm gonna have me some fun Waiting for the big one. One too many, where ego I go too Looking for the real thing It don't come from what I do No real communication moves out of my face I'm beginning to think I'm just out of place Won't get in too deep, I want to get some sleep To be ready for the big one To be ready for the big one