Finally (The Frames)

Hmi D Did you fall on your way G F#mi it's a long way down Hmi D welcome back to your place G F#mi I hope you know it now Hmi D 'cause it's true what you say G F#mi were the wrong way round... Emi A And the lie that cut the worst Emi A has been resolved, then reversed... G F#mi G ...finally, finally, finally, finally, finally Ah come on, show the way where you are running now is it lack of restraint has you turning round... In the end, we're both the same you played your part, so your part to blame Hmi When you want something so much G F#mi it's drawing trouble on your life Hmi and when you found something so good G F#mi it's hard to focus on what's right... Hmi D G F#mi (2x) And in the end what hurt the worst has been resolved, then reversed and I know it's not what you said it's like the letter I just sat and read ...finally... (12x) found something so good it's drawing trouble in your life and when you lost something so good it's hard to focus on what's right G F#mi G G I love it so far... (6x)