Santa Maria (The Frames)

G Emi G Emi G 1. Let me off of this boat I'm sick of this ride the world is heading ever southward Emi and I can't stay in here 2. And you're lying awake away on your side the feeling comes in waves and burns us and I don't wanna die 3. From your slippery hands to the line of your throat the fever now consumes us both in a fire now we will go C R: Santa Maria Emi why did you have to go C Santa Maria stop one day we will know G Emi G Emi G 4. In a bowing of heads and a passing of hands and all we thought they would understand Emi is lost and they won't know 5. And what have we left it's all that we got there is no x to mark our spot what's past is done and gone R: Santa Maria why did you have to burn Santa Maria G one day you will learn G Emi G Emi