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Accidents Will Happen (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

All the dreams you're having You stole them all from me I was having dreams like that Back in 1973 Groovy Boo is banging the ivories In his ancient overcoat Stuffing all his rage and anger Down that old piano's throat Accidents will happen That's what accidents are for Accidents will happen And an accident is just an accident I walk through the swinging door See my old girl Mabel Her jawbone hits the floor And her eyeballs roll around the table In a clever act of misdirection I manage with some finesse To scale the ladders in her stockings And creep into her dress Accidents will happen We've all had 'em many times before And coincidences are just accidents Nothing less and nothing more I come around when she expects it the least She always looks so strange and tragic She comes on like some juju priest Laying down her own brand of magic She tells me that she'll be true She ain't the type to keep her promises I used to be down with the faithful man Now I'm hanging with the doubting Thomases 'Cause accidents keep happening This old world was born from one There are servants they don't govern And I don't put too much faith in them Well, let me tell you a little more about Mabel She is shaped like an inverted (?) I roll out my tongue when she walks past Fix her with my famous jelly-eyed stare Her husband is a Cro-magnum man with a magnum He recites the second amendment (?) Well, accidents will happen I'm hoping one might happen to him We're accidents waiting to happen You know they'll be happening for all time While you're having yours I'll be having mine Maybe you and I will get it together You and I, we will get in together You and I, we will get it together You and I, we will get it together