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Albert Goes West (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

Albert goes west, he crossed the vast indifferent deserts of Arizona, oh yeah He had a psychotic episode on a dude ranch that involved a bottle of ammonia Henry, he went south and lost his way deep in the weeping forests of Le Vulva He grew so wan, he grew so sick, he ended up in a bungalow sucking a revolver The light upon your rainy streets offers many reflections I won't be hold responsible for my actions Bobby, he goes north, then goes east, then over to New Hampshire Bobby is a cautious man, he walked into a Concord dive to drink a beer Do you wanna dance? Do you wanna move? Do you wanna dance? Do you wanna groove? I said the world is full of endless abstractions And I won't be held responsible for my actions Me, I ain't going anywhere, just sit and watch the sun come up, I like it here I watch the people go ticking past, go hey hey hey, you know I gotta say I like it here All right Sha la-la-la, sha la-la-la, sha la-la-la-la-la-la Sha-la-la-la, sha la-la-la, sha la-la-la-la-la-la