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Breathless (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

C G C G F G C G C 1. It's up in the morning and on the downs G F Little white clouds like gambolling lambs G C And I am breathless over you G C And the red-breasted robin beats his wings G F His throat it trembles when he sings G C For he is helpless before you G The happy hooded bluebells bow C G F And bend their heads all a-down G C Heavied by the early morning dew G C At the whispering stream, at the bubbling brook G F The fishes leap up to take a look G C For they are breathless over you G R: Still your hands C And still your heart G F For still your face comes shining through G C And all the morning glows anew G Still your mind C Still your soul G F For still, the fare of love is true G C And I am breathless without you G C G F G 2. The wind circles among the trees And it bangs about the new-made leaves For it is breathless without you The fox chases the rabbit round The rabbit hides beneath the ground For he is defenceless without you The sky of daytime dies away And all the earthly things they stop to play For we are all breathless without you I listen to my juddering bones The blood in my veins and the wind in my lungs And I am breathless without you R: Still your hands... F G F C And I am breathless without you