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Christina the Astonishing (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

Christina the Astonishing Lived a long time ago She was stricken with a seizure At the age of twenty-two They took her body in a coffin To a tiny church in Liege Where she sprang up from the coffin Just after the Agnus Dei She soared up to the rafters Perched on a beam up there Cried "The stink of human sin Is more that I can bear" Christina the Astonishing Was the most astonishing of all She prayed balanced on a hurdle Or curled up into a ball She fled to remote places Climbed towers and trees and walls To escape the stench of human corruption Into an oven she did crawl O Christina the Astonishing Behaved in a terrifying way She would run wildly through the streets Jump in the Meusse and swim away O Christina the Astonishing Behaved in terrifying manner Died at the age of seventy-four In the convent of St Anna