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Idiot Prayer (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

They're taking me down, my friend And as they usher me off to my end Will I bid you adieu? Or will I be seeing you soon? If what they say around here is true Then we'll meet again Me and you My time is at hand, my dove They're gonna pass me to that house above Is heaven just for victims, dear? Where only those in pain go? Well it takes two to tango We will meet again, my love I know If you're in heaven then you'll forgive me, dear Because that's what they do up there If you're in hell, then what can I say You probably deserved in anyway I guess I'm gonna find out any day For we'll meet again And there'll be hell to pay Your face comes to me from the depths, dear Your silent mouth mouths, 'yes', dear Dark red and big with blood They're gonna shut me down, my love They're gonna launch me into the stars Well, all things come to pass Glory hallelujah This prayer is for you, my love Sent on the wings of a dove An idiot prayer of empty words Love, dear, is strictly for the birds We each get what we deserve My little snow white dove Rest assured