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Mercy (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

I stood in the water In the middle month of winter My camel skin was torture I was in a state of nature The wind, sir, it was wicked I was so alone Just as I predicted My followers were gone And I cried 'Mercy' Have mercy upon me And I got down on my knees Thrown into a dungeon Bread and water was my portion Faith - my only weapon To rest the devil's legion The speak-hole would slide open A viper's voice would plead Thick with innuendo Syphilis and Greed And she cried 'Mercy' Have mercy upon me And I told her to get down on her knees In a garden full of roses My hands, tied behind me My cousin was working miracles I wondered if he'd find me The moon was turned toward me Like a platter made of gold My death, it almost bored me So often was it told And I cried 'Mercy' I cried mercy on me Cryind 'Mercy' Have mercy on me