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She's Leaving You (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

You were planning to stay in, you had it carefully planned Your coat was hanging in the hall, your hat was in your hand You walked over to your woman, your pale distracted love Who was trying to put the wrong hand into the wrong glove Are you leaving, dear? Are you leaving, dear? Are you leaving, dear? Are you leaving, dear? So you start reading all her books, all her magazines Just to get a better understanding Your brain feels like it's dead Your eyes are hanging out your head You were hoping for something less demanding Well what you see staring out at you from a photo book A man with an eyepatch and a bent, bloody hook You wished to God that you never went and took a look Cause it's in that moment that you know that She's leaving you Yeah she's leaving you Well now she's taking you to bed Her legs wrapped round your head You're losing her to some crazy kind of motion You keep coming up for air You look around and stare Find you're swimming into completely different oceans You're wondering if she's thinking about some other man She says, "C'mon, baby, you know you are my loverman" You're going nuts you don't know exactly what to say She says, "Don't worry, baby, this is just my little way Of leaving you" Oh, man, she's leaving you She keeps saying, "Hey, don't hate me" She keeps saying, "Hate is just some kind of failure of the imagination" She keeps saying things like this Now she's giving you a kiss Now she's got you dragging her to the station The sun just slipped out of the sky, this is a black letter day Her train is moving down the platform, and is drawn away You're crying buckets, she gives her glove a wave She says "Oh c'mon, baby, that's no way to behave When I'm leaving you" Oh yeah, she's leaving you Oh yeah, she's leaving you Yeah, she's leaving you She's leaving you Yeah, she's leaving you Yeah, she's leaving you Yeah, she's leaving you