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Sunday's Slave (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

Sunday's got a slave Monday's got one too Sunday's got a slave Monday's got one too Our sufferings are countless Our pleasures are motley few Spend all day digging my grave Now go get Sunday's slave Tuesday sleeps in a stable Wednesday's in a chains Tuesday gathers up the crumbs under the table Wednesday dare not complain My heart has collapsed on the tracks of a run-a-way train Just whisper his name And here comes Sunday's slave The hands in the stable are willing and able to pay If you feel at a loss, man, just who is the boss-man Ask the blood of one of its bad days For his nerve is to serve but the sevice is a mockery He insists that he piss in your fist But he still takes the money anyway The master's a bastard But don't tell Sunday's slave Thursday's angered the master O.K. so Friday's gonna pay Thursday's angered the master Yeah, so Friday's gonna pay One night on the rack and he's back saddling up Saturday You can only whisper his name But not on Sundays Never on Sundays O Not on Sunday's slave