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West Country Girl (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

With a crooked smile and a heart-shaped face Comes from the west country where the birds sing bass She's got a house-big heart where we all live And plead and council and forgive Her widow's peak, her lips I've kissed Her glove of bones at her wrist That I have held in my hand Her spanish fly and her monkey gland Her godly body and it's fourteen stations That I have embraced, her palpitations Her unborn baby crying, 'mummy' Amongst the rubble of her body Her lovely lidded eyes I've sipped Her fingernails, all pink and chipped Her accent which I'm told is 'broad' That I have heard and has been poured Into my human heart and filled me And rebuilt me back anew With something to look forward to Well, who could ask much more than that? A west country girl with a big fat cat That looks into her eyes of green And meows, 'he loves you', then meows again