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Wings off Flies (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)

She loves me, she loves me not She loves me, she loves me not She loves me, she loves me not We-e-ll, ah've spent seven days and seven nights tryin to get sunk in this brine Don't turn on ya water-works 'cause ah got me a pair of water-wings, right?! Insects suicide against the window, and my heart goes out to those lil flies There's a buzzin in my ear but it's more of her black-mail, ham shakespeare + lies Wings off Flies, She loves me, she loves me not. O o o o oh she loves me not!! Lord, Ah've discovered the recipe of Heaven ya git solitude and ya mix with sanctuary and silence, then bake it! Listen, I plead guilty to misanthropy so hang me! Ah'd appreciate it!! Witness her gate-crash my tiny hell with some obscene tête-à-tête, If ya wanna talk to me about Love'n'Pain consult my ulcer, it'd be happy to co-operate Wings off Flies, she loves me, loves me not Uh hey, Joe! Another outa do the job. Time to drown our lil fire, ya can keep the ashes, Now bye bye, bye, bye, see ya in a pigs eye! Ah will be one, in need of no-one In this, my deepest dive... Fill'er up, Joe... Hey! Ah am obliged! Ah am olbiged! Wings off Flies, She loves me, she loves me not Wings off Flies etc... ad infinitum Welcome the solitary flyer ya see it land on the rim of my glass it's going around and around and around look I just don't have the heart to hurt a fly I grabbed it in my paw snatched it up and then I held it to my ear could hear it scream could hear it scream and scream and scream till it screamed not... Hey Joe, ya know anything about this scream?