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Little Willow (McCartney Paul)

D Emi/D 1. Bend, little willow D Emi/D Wind's gonna blow you D Em/D D Em/D Hard and cold tonight D Emi/D Life, as it happens D Emi/D Nobody warns you D Em/D D D7 D Willow, hold on tight G A R: Nothing's gonna shake your love D D7 G Take your love away G A No one's out to break your heart Asus4 G It only seems that way, hey 2. Sleep, little willow Peace gonna follow Time will heal your wounds Grow to the heavens Now and forever Always came too soon D Emi/D D Emi/D D Em/D D Em/D D Emi/D D Emi/D D Em/D D D7 D R: Nothing's gonna... 3. Bend, little willow Wind's gonna blow you Hard and cold tonight Life, as it happens Nobody warns you Willow, hold on tight D Emi/D D Emi/D D Em/D D Em/D