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Only Mama Knows (McCartney Paul)

Well, I was found in the transit lounge Of a dirty airport town What was I doing on the road to ruin Well my mama laid me down My mama laid me down Around my hand was a plastic band With a picture of my face I was crying, left to die In this godforsaken place This godforsaken place [Chorus:] Only Mama knows What she laid me down In this godforsaken town She was running too What she was running from I always wondered I never knew Only Mama knows Only Mama knows I'm passing through I'm on my way On the road, no ETA I'm passing through No fixed abode And that is why... I need to try To hold on I've got to hold on To hold on I've got to hold on Was it planned as a one night stand Or did she leave in disgrace Well, I never Will I ever See my father's face See my father's face [Chorus x2] (Only Mama knows) (Only Mama knows) Gotta hold on Gotta hold on Gotta hold on