Run Devil Run (McCartney Paul)

Run devil run, the angels having fun Making winners out of sinners better leave before it's done When he gets through, he'll be coming after you Listen what I'm saying to you Run Run Devil Run By a swamp in Alabama in the cold in the damp Sitting reading by the light of a kerosene lamp Lives a holly roller with a mission on her mind Got to spread the word to anybody she can find You can hear her screaming any time in night or day This is what she says to keep the demons away Run devil run... Her brother and her sister said that she brought them down Stepping on the bus that was heading to town There they started drinking, they got into a fight The sheriff introduced them to the jail house for a night When the holy roller came to town to pay the bail This is what she sang as she was leaving the jail Run devil run... Well by the middle of the summer they were back in the shack Picking cotton for a living keep 'em on the right track Visiting the nieghbours trying to spread the good news Singing gospel music with a hint of the blues All of them determined to deliver the goods Now you you hear the music coming out on the woods Run devil run... Ah you'd better Run . . . Run Devil Run You better Run . . . Run Devil Run