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Pay for Me (The National)

I thought I'd come to you And your long lazy scene Instate direction, finger on a magazine. I'd call you when I need you I can't get used to your new name. Send a body double over with your keys She'll see you in an hour Everybody quiet please. Essex house is down the road The actors want to be alone. Your room is still and soft As a jeweler's. Incidental music coming down the hall Remember when I never had to wait for you at all? I wish my hands were yours as I lay your keys On a magazine. Take me to LaGuardia My baby's gonna pay for me. Bottle from the duty-free I'll drink it all across the sea. Lay me down business class Headphones and a sleeping mask. She's gonna pay for me She's gonna pay for me. Brother, I wish you were home Just tell me you're not alone Call me back; I'm on a plane I think I'm somewhere over spain. I'm in the dark without the stars I've never seen a black suit dark Thought I'd be above the rain Somewhere on a higher plane. Oh brother, I wish you were home My brother, I wish you were home. Baby, you're asleep by now You never stayed awake for me You never waited up for me, No, you never waited up for me! Now there's nothing I can do I lost you but I beat the sound Couldn't if I wanted to The cogwheel doesn't turn around! Oh brother, I wish you were home My baby is in a room alone. My brother, I wish you were home.