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Úniková místnost Vlaková loupež

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The Perfect Song (The National)

Ten years older than I was What I brought you down to see, What I thought would make you fall in love Wearing off on our dreams Someday man I'm gonna be no different than the other rivers I tried to look at you but I couldnt break the ice You stood out there for an hour freezing Put your hand around my back I guess you thought I needed that I never try to find you I hope you don't remember me I hope you're not alone Wanted me to take you home You said you'd rather be alone I never thought of that Car is warm and we had wine But I couldn't find the perfect song Now our furniture for the one with crows feet and I can't even remember the call Sometimes I can feel your weight when I close my eyes Seven times I was under you I never try to find you I hope you dont remember me I hope your not alone I don't wanna know what your thinking I'm looking out the window Just fucking drinking Shallow frame and shaky sticks but I know there's a river in me Shallow minded adult tricks but I know there's a river in me